Lots of Fundraising Tips To Win With Your Crowdfunding Campaign On Fundtogive

We Bring You Some Tried-And-Tested, Beaten-And-Stirred, Used-And-Unused, Ancient-And-Contemporary Tips To Guide You Towards Crowdfunding Success!

Plan Your Fundraiser

No fundraiser is an overnight success. Crowdfunding involves careful planning on when to make your fundraiser live, how to take it to the right people and how to get those right people to donate and share. Our fundraising experience tell us that there is no one formula that works for all, but we’ve seen some common patterns to assemble some of our most profiting advice. Pick and choose to create your plan!

Quick Tips

7 quick checks for a great fundraiser:

  • Fundraiser Story: Tell people why you want to raise the money. This is VERY important. Believe us, the donors want to know what they are donating for – even if they know you in person.
  • Images/Videos: Would you rather buy a dress you can see or a dress that is only described to you? Images put a face to your fundraiser, they make donors care about you and your cause a lot more. (5 times more to be exact!)
  • Rewards: We all feel motivated when given something in return. Though most donors donate out of kindness, rewards like a simple thank you note or a small merchandize can urge the donor to support your campaign further.
  • Fundraiser Title: People may not judge the book by its cover but they certainly judge it by the title. Titles are one line stories. They are what gets the donor to click on your campaign amongst all the others.
  • Goal Amount: We understand that you may sometimes need a huge amount, but start humble. Put in an achievable target and then get it increased once you reach there.
  • Base Amount: Everyone gets scared of a zero. So, does you donor. Make sure you add some base amount to your fundraiser (be your first donor) or urge a close friend or relative to make a contribution so that the donor can give with more confidence.
  • Create a support group: Before you begin, enroll some friends and family who will dedicate time regularly to share and talk about your fundraiser within their network. Make sure your fundraiser is shared far and wide by these supporters.